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With uncertainty surrounding the completion date of the new £335m Royal Liverpool Hospital, it is no surprise that the companies overseeing Carillion’s liquidation have adopted a vow of silence on the subject.

Yes, it is no surprise to anyone that the scheduled opening for 2018 will be a challenge but they are indeed challenging times for the construction industry. Without sounding unrealistically optimistic, surely the wealth of experience and knowledge that sub-contractors have on these projects could collectively help rescue them and numerous others that would otherwise be shelved.

Gail Cartmail, assistant general secretary of the union Unite, said the Government needs to prioritise how stalled projects are restarted. The first obvious but not so simple step is to appoint new contractors swiftly.  The next step would be to remobilise those sub-contractors that have vital knowledge of the projects as they hold the keys to the success of the completion as the hospital trust’s chief executive Aidan Kehoe acknowledged.

So, what might become of those other lower profiled projects that are on hold or at risk of becoming shelved completely?  Is there a way forward for them, newly appointed contractors and the sub-contractors already involved?

As new contractors would have to pick up the pieces of the project jigsaw quickly, they would naturally have to rely on the wealth of knowledge of the subcontractors. They would be looking to improve efficiency within increasingly tight timescales and are certain to find value in tools that create transparency and on-site efficiencies. A proven Delivery Management System, such as Zone Manager provides that solution with a swift setup. It’s functionalities provide certainty and predictability in a current climate that is filled with uncertainty.

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