The Diary is the hub of Zone Manager and shows all delivery points, loading bays, cranes, hoists and any other equipment you need to manage.

Zones can be sorted and grouped by site area. Bookings are entered in seconds by using pull-down selections of contractors, hauliers, materials etc. After confirmation the booking is immediately visible to all users however they access the system.

Whilst letting user make their own bookings can save a lot of time you might not be comfortable with this.  No problem! Just give permission to make Requests only.  Very similar process except the booking does not appear in the Diary until you authorise it.

Time slots cannot be double-booked and there are various functions allowing bookings to be changed, copied or deleted.   Users have strict time constraints and after the deadlines no changes are possible ensuring you know what is happening. Colours can be used to highlight contractors, urgent deliveries or other important factors in your application. Zones can be grouped into areas highlighted by colours on the Zone tab.

Deliveries can be logged on arrival and departure, and the entries are highlighted in the Diary when:

  • arrived at holding area
  • left holding area en-route to site
  • arrived on site
  • left site