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Zone Manager has over 40 years of industry experience in software development and logistics consultancy. It is at the forefront of specialist delivery management systems.

The Zone Manager name is synonymous with logistics planning and delivery management system across a range of sectors including Construction, Retail, Facilities Management, Commercial Properties, Warehousing and Event management.

The Zone Manager Story

We’re exceptionally proud of our journey as a business and how we’ve established it. When our directors, Nick and Marcus, first started developing the Zone Manager platform, they were working for a major logistics consultancy.

As they combined their expertise in logistics planning and software development to create what is now Zone Manager, management decided not to continue supporting the software. Nick and Marcus saw huge value and potential in the Zone Manager product however, and they made a bid to buy it out. This is how our company was created – they began operating as business owners after successful and safe corporate careers. It can be challenging, but so exhilarating, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having a passion and belief in the product you develop translates to the clients you work with. This is how we managed to build Zone Manager into an internationally recognised software provider for huge clients and projects, such as Goldman Sachs and COP26 Glasgow.

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