About Us and Zone Manager

Since its formation in 1991, The Logistics Business Limited has developed into one of the UK’s leading specialist logistics and supply chain consultancies,  and software developers.  It boasts a high quality client portfolio across a wide range of industry sectors both domestically and internationally.

Zone Manager is the flagship product of the company.  Having been initially developed for the FMG market, it has a pedigree that few can match.  It was configured for Canary Wharf to provide a delivery management system for Phase II of two of the Docklands site. A ‘ground-breaking’ development in more ways than one! From then it has grown to be the leading delivery management system for the construction industry used on prestigious projects such as One Hyde Park, Media City Salford and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Designed for flexibility in usage and terminology, Zone Manager can be used in almost any any delivery management situation, witness it’s continued use at Heron Quays and Bradford Broadway.  Where a site has specific requirements not already covered by the considerable flexibility from the standard product, a custom option is available.